Friday, 25 July 2008

Oh what will he do!

Believe or not that is the title of a play wot I wrote (sorry Ernie) In a moment of weakness last week end I volunteered to write a short play. Well volunteered is not perhaps the best adjective to describe the situation but its close. My wife querying my apparent madness said something like I’ve known you for 50 odd years and I can’t ever remember you doing anything like that before. I was thinking more that WE would write this short play. We then entered a period of negotiation when I had to agree to write her into the play. How difficult can this be I thought. Oh I forgot to mention it needed to be topical, factual and funny. Well I don’t do funny. Cynical, maybe rude at times and factual if I’m on a good day but funny perhaps not.
You may have noticed I have not blogged much this week, so I guess you now know why.
Sitting in front of a blank word page reminded of the blank drawing board I used to face most Monday mornings with no idea where the next idea was coming from.
I mentioned to the grandkids what we had done and to my surprise they both said great can we be in it? Followed by a prolonged period of nagging from them and protestations’ from me that the play had been cast read and script changes agreed. What part of NO I asked do you two not understand the N and O part they said. It was all good fun but I had to promise that the next time they would get a part. No probs in making that promise I thought because there ain’t going to be a next time.

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