Friday, 11 July 2008

I wana be

Last night was grandkids night. These are usually the highlight of the week and I have reported on our car journeys many times. As it’s getting near the summer holidays Freddy and Hippy were wired last night. I had to spend the first part of the journey negotiating with Hippy what I could use on the blog. Big sister Freddy was skulking in the back pretending not to want to participate and playing music on her phone because big bad granddad wouldn’t let her have the radio on full blast while we were talking. We got around to the end of term concert because he is leaving to go to grammar school I thought it might be a bit special. We usually are invited to these and he was telling us it was boring this year. I managed to get out of him the program and it seems great to me. The final song is from Bugsy Malone and it’s an appropriate piece about the kids singing “we could have been anything we wanted to be. I’m so proud of all my grandkids and told them so adding that they both had the ability to be anything they wanted to be and they should set their sights very high. Hippy, never shy in coming forward said “I want to be a car designer, a pilot or an author. No probs says granddad you have the ability to do any of that and well. Imagine the three of us in Nan’s 107 my chest is swelling with pride I need to push the seat back. I then tried to analyse what he might need to do to achieve one of these goals. Maths and physics would be needed for car design. That never went down well “I hate maths and physics” perhaps then we should examine the pilot and author options I thought. Now I know he can write very well for his age he has had a poem published and I’ve seen a lot of his stories which show a splendid imagination. So the author bit is a definite possibility. I suggested he could perhaps be a car designer or a pilot and an author. But what about your music? nar I wana be a car designer, a pilot or an author. Big sister was still skulking in the back. I shudder to think what they will want to be next time I ask. They have never shown any interest in politics. Wise heads I think.
American granddaughter is recovering well after her accident USA grandson is well doing what Oscar does best. I have to mention all of them because it I don’t I get reprimanded and I guess I will over this but I love it when they scold me. Having bright grandkids is a bit of a challenge.

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