Friday, 18 July 2008

Getting old.

I ought to make this a regular category and re-categorise my earlier post but my comments about getting older and not being able to look after yourself and the things you used to do prompted a debate amongst some of my friends. Not on the web but face to face. It appears that socialist Britain ain’t such a good place to live if you’re getting old. I don’t want to get into the detail again because most of my readership are aware of my views and our Prime Ministers attitude and treatment of older people. But I would like to relate a story that I believe to be true because I know the people concerned. Couple in their late eighties early nineties looking after each other. Both get carers allowance because they are caring for each other. At this point I should point out that they did a pretty good job. Husband dies. Wife dealing with his affairs gets DSS (or whatever fancy name it has these days) in to look at what help she can now get. Both carers’ allowances go and they claim she can now get no further help. Some detail here becomes a little vague but I suspect that the grieving widow did not get and is not getting the support she should at this time. If a mistake as been made it needs rectifying quick so that this lady can start to rebuild her life. They had been together for well over fifty years so I can’t even contemplate what she is going through without having to deal with a sudden loss of income. We need a fresh approach to dealing with this type of problem not some uncaring civil servant ticking the boxes.


Gerry said...

Bob, I hate to contradict you but you dont get cares allowanse when you get to pensionable age.


bob the black country brummie said...

quite so Gerry but that change was a couple of years back because of their age they had been getting it before the change and I used the term she used
bob the black country brummie