Tuesday, 15 July 2008

West Brom’s cultural revival starts here

Oh yes it does!
I was invited along to a tour of our new Public Gallery today along with about 400 others from Sandwell Partnership. I took these pictures as part of my visit. I suppose they were preaching to the converted but not all of the delegates were supporters and one lady was well miffed that the chairs in the reception/cafeteria were plastic. She walked off in a huff without waiting to be told the chairs are only temporary. The building is not yet finished but sufficiently to show me that it is indeed an icon building. I love it and am convinced it will eventually lead the way in our cultural renaissance. The technology although up to date at present will need constantly future proofing. Technology was not all working. There is still a lot to do but as far as I’m concerned it’s well done Sandwell. I better go and have a lie down that’s twice recently I’ve congratulated our council I bet I’ll get a council tax increase now. But seriously it is a good place to start with cultural development. I’m so disappointed now I’ve seen the place that our opposition politicians have been so outspoken about it. We had a few eyes closed ears shut folks who wouldn’t see potential if they fell over it but most of us I think were impressed. When at question time they were asked about involving older people in the use of the facilities the answer was very positive. I look forward to developing a good relationship with them. If they are fibbing about this I'll publish it my blog. They wouldn't would they?

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Dave Hosell said...

I fully support the efforts being put in to making this buliding a success and help re-generate my town. I am disgusted at the constant attacks by gutter politicians (the opposition) who are only interested in cheap press publicity. We have the building now it is up to the management and staff of the building to ensure the exhibitions and events are exciting enough to attract the crowds. So keep politics out of it. Lets be proud of what we have got.
D Hosell(Cllr.)