Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Sandwell cultural gems

I suppose I ought to make a regular feature on these because there are such a lot of them but for today just the one.
Last night I was invited by Sue Clothier the leader of the Literature group from Sandwell U3A to a performance of Blood Brothers at the Barlow Theatre in Langley. The Theatre is better known locally as the Oldbury Rep. An amateur company who do some amazing stuff. It’s a small very intimate auditorium well maintained with excellent audio facilities. This is not a critique of the performance just to say well done to the cast, I loved it and appreciated much of the humour and social issues addressed. The University of the Third Age Literature group had been studying this play for some months. Whenever I am able to get along to meetings of the interest groups I am always impressed by the quality of work and the commitment of the group leaders. We are fortunate in Sandwell to have such people and I feel privileged to be a leading part of this movement. The even better news was that they are having an analysis of the play meeting at a local pub over lunch today. Is that civilised or what? Sadly I won’t be able to attend, needed at hospital for round two of treatment. More on that later and an update on the numbers game I hope. If routine goes as last time I’m going to have a lot more time for blogging and such over the next couple of days

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sean gould said...

yeah te barlows a nice place.
i read at a poetry night there a couple of months back.
good venue.
all the best
the romantic geek