Saturday, 19 July 2008

Let’s hear it for THE PUBLIC

Sub headline in Express & Star Friday July 10th
Deprived area loses out on £2m to fund centre
The sub headline seems to suggest that somehow 2M quid had been inappropriately spent on funding for our new arts centre in West Brom and the headline states New Row. I was disappointed with the E&S for continuing with what is now just a witch hunt against the project. The story gives a more balanced view on what had happened but the headline was so damaging. I also felt that the case for the Greets Green Partnership making this money available was not made strongly enough. They acted as they should in the very best interest of the people.
This coincided with a comment on my earlier piece supporting THE PUBLIC from my local councillor Dave Hosell I publish his comment again here because I mostly agree:- “I fully support the efforts being put in to making this building a success and help re-generate my town. I am disgusted at the constant attacks by gutter politicians (the opposition) who are only interested in cheap press publicity. We have the building now ,it is up to the management and staff of the building to ensure the exhibitions and events are exciting enough to attract the crowds. So keep politics out of it. Lets be proud of what we have got.”
So come on lets hear it for The Public from our councillors and our MPs because they are not very vocal in their support. Its time to fight back. I’ve designed a little badge which I will be wearing from time to time. If the leader of the Tories wants one I’ll put it in the post it will cost him a tenner anybody else can have one for a couple of quid (gorra keep in mind inflation now the ol pensions ain’t goin s/far).

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