Thursday, 17 July 2008

To little to late.

It was the Gordon and David show in the commons again yesterday. I can’t understand why our PM puts himself through this spectacle; he clearly is unhappy at having to face up to questions and even when they are plants he never answered. The help he was talking about for older people (over 80s only) had already been announced and how he thinks that stopping another 2p increase in fuel duty is going to help I fail to see. A significant reduction will help so I have some sympathy with Cameron’s fuel price regulator idea. At least GB has taken my suggestion and started letting Darling do some of the talking on the economy. The other measures to help hard pressed families I assume we need to wait until October for them. Who is going to be running the country while he is on his holidays because we do not have a deputy PM only a deputy leader of the Labour Party and that’s not the same thing. At least when Prescott did it we were guaranteed a few laughs during the summer. It’s funny that they all seem to know what is happening but none of them seem able to or want to take any action to improve things. I think if I hear one more Labour MP telling us it’s a global problem I’ll eat my left over’s. The ship will be rudderless over the summer HELP! umm, come to think of it isn’t that what we have now? Perhaps they will start the plotting but who am I going to write to with my Dear Gordon letters? Perhaps I better make it, Dear whoever is running the country. The Queen must know! Your Mag can you leave a comment on the blog and tell me who is running the place?
A piece in our local newspaper referred to trade minister Lord Digby Jones who should have visited a toilet manufacturing company not far from here. Apparently the visit was cancelled or the press were not invited. I couldn’t help but think of the puns here. Minister in the S***, what a load of c*** or the best, government going down the pan. Or perhaps “flushed with success” Nar.
I have no sympathy with the council workers who were on strike yesterday. Pure greed. Turning into a bit of a rant this one, sorry about that, will try to do better.

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