Wednesday, 21 January 2009

£300, 000000,000000

When you look at the number of noughts it’s a staggering amount of money to bail out a couple of banks just for a loan guarantee service. I recon if packs of £10 notes were used you could build a tower higher than Big Ben just for this bail out. What I can’t understand is the attitude of the government to the managers of these banks particularly RBS & HBOS for their irresponsible attitude. The actions I believe are probably criminally culpable on the part of the directors and should be dealt with by the criminal justice system. Some have lost their jobs and reputation (tough) others for the moment are still in post. For me this is just the same as say a drugs baron who is caught. Once tried and convicted their assets are stripped. We need to see some asset stripping of the bank moguls who got us into this mess. I’ll feel a lot happier about my taxes being used when I can see the perpetrators being suitably dealt with. What is annoying me is when some of these are interviewed on TV, you would think that nothing had happened and all is well. It’s another Gordon “it’s not my fault honest guv” attitude.
Well it is their fault and they need to be dealt with.
I think that quite possibly there is also a case against bundling Brown but I guess his Parliamentary Privilege would cover his actions.
I watched PMQs today and I have to say I was disappointed in much of his response and for that matter Cameron’s apparent lack of understanding. Two questions in particular worry me 1) he would not meet with the MP who asked him to meet with himself and Age Concern over pensioners’ problems and 2) he would not reconsider the absence of England in the bid for European money which bids have successfully achieved for N Ireland Scotland and Wales. I want to know WHY? It is part of what I see as his English phobia. It’s OK this side of any border. Well Sorry Gordon it aint, where are You?

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