Sunday, 18 January 2009

Credit crunch too

Would you buy a used car from this man?
I thought not either. In my earlier post “Credit crunch” I complained about Gordon’s handling of the economy and how I would not trust him with my vote at a future election unless his attitude and policies towards pensioner groups with concerns where changed. With my analogy of the motorway pile up where was Cameron and his little truck in this crash? Well he certainly didn’t make to many noises about the speed they were travelling and he hasn’t made to much sense in how we get out of the subsequent mess. I can remember well the last two recessions under his mob (the nasty party) who were telling us it was good to have 1 million on the dole and get on yer bike. So not to impressed by their past history. I have to stress though that during the last recessions I prospered because I saw the need for new skills acquired them and was able to sell my skills and experience at a good price. In the first of these, when my kids were very young I had three jobs for a short period to make ends meet. At that time I felt that labour did genuinely want to return to full employment. I have concerns that the Tories would continue with their old ways and they have not come out with any genuine pensioner friendly policies to date.
Later I will write a similar piece on the Liberals but in terms of real future leadership unless Labour get their act into gear the future looks grim.


David Hosell said...

Hi Bob, As you know i do not usualy
make comments on your blog. But i do read it like many others,and i do take notice of your views. The point of this responce is to remind you of your blog title and to ask if you could direct some of your efforts into issues that effect the black country and the political and social activities that take place here.P,S No i would not buy a car of Cameron, in fact i hope that sooner than later he,s on his bike looking for a new job.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you for your comment Councillor, it’s good to know I have such a distinguished readership. Your comments concerning the Black Country have been noted but as my earlier postings have suggested I think if you lot admitted getting it wrong and got rid of your leader there would be a lot more confidence in our ability to come through this depression and as such you would be doing what is needed for our country as a whole. You know it makes sense. Good luck with the rest of your term in office. We as residents can see the difference. Keep up the good work.