Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Brown V Cameron

For the most out of touch award? I have been warming to Cameron over the last few weeks partly because of the barmy way Brown has been operating in respect to the reduction in VAT which is in my view totally crackers and a complete waste of money. Bigger reductions were being offered at the point of sale because of the competitive forces in the market place and I disagree with him borrowing so much money to continue what I see as a continuation of the policies that got us into this mess in the first place. He is now claiming he has a plan to create 100000 new jobs but don’t we need ten times that amount to stand still in this slump? (am I allowed to say that word?) Cameron comes out with a couple of equally potty policy initiatives. He would abolish tax on saving for all those people on standard rate tax. With savings earning nothing these days you would have to be pretty well off to be paying tax on savings. So this little scheme is a non starter. He then went on to say pensioners would be given an extra £2k personal allowance. This would only help those better off pensioners who are presumably Tory voters. On the plus side for David he is thinking about better off pensioners bless him, I always feel to get Brown to mention pensioners is almost like pulling teeth he loathes us.
The government have majority share holdings in national savings and I think four banks surely they could come up with a series of high interest accounts that would help savers. Cameron’s initiatives are not going to do it.
Are well I’ll sit back now and wait for the next thrilling instalment of “mirror mirror on the wall who is barmiest of them all”. Not much of a choice for us voters though is it Barmy Brown or Crazy Cameron.
At a time like this we need some real leadership where is that going to come from?

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