Saturday, 17 January 2009

Credit Crunch

Would you buy a used car from this man?

I thought not, but in few months he is going to ask for our support at a general election claiming he is the best person to se us through this crisis. Whether the election is this spring or next year it will be the same plea. Well I don’t think so.
I liken the credit crunch to a motorway pile up in fog. Little Georgie Bush is driving his Juggernaut full of toxic debt and failed policies as fast as he can ignoring all the warning signs “fog ahead” dear old Gordon is driving is tanker just behind as close as he can get. Laden with failed bank regulations no credit controls and tons of debt. He can smell Bush’s exhaust fumes. These two are of course followed by half the western world in their heavy trucks all blasting along in convoy when! Whoops little Georgie has to swerve to miss a mini containing some of the little folk his failed policies are about to destroy. When wallop he collides so does Gordon and the rest. Now who is to blame for this crunch? I know lets let the Insurance companies try to sort it out. In the meantime Gordon in typical dishonourable style blames everyone else. Meanwhile on the side of the international motorway Lorries from across the globe continue to implode causing the misery that is life for so many nowadays. Oh dear Gordon your day of reckoning will come. He now has three pensioner lobby groups severely disgruntled at his treatment of them, the Pension Protection Fund, Financial Assistance Scheme and now the Equitable Life group. On top of that all pensioners now realise how he has been ripping us of year in year out with our inflation rises. Add to all this the resentment now being felt by all those poor folk being made redundant and all the business failures.

We sure have a big mess on this motorway.

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