Friday, 23 January 2009

Bob’ new chair

A friend loaned me a wheel chair, just in case this wretched disease gets any worse and I need more assistance. The chair needed a bit of a spruce up and I decided to add my own touch of creativity by introducing an advertising feature on the side panels. I haven’t yet needed to use it but it will make, I guess, for a bit of interest if I ever need to. I can remember some years ago my wife was wheel chair bound for about 6 months and I did most of the pushing. Interesting how people perceived her in the chair. Almost always they addressed me and completely ignored her. We made the best of it and I had a great wheeze when shopping because I would hurry her past items I didn’t want to view. She soon caught on to that. I was extremely please when the chair was abandoned. It did wonders for my fitness though. I can remember pushing her up the hill form our house to the doctor. When we got there I was so out of breath I needed the treatment more than she did. I soon recovered and got used to the task, it was never a chore for me.
Note the advertising feature. Anybody wanting to advertise I’ll do some really competitive rates.

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