Friday, 16 January 2009

To little to late, AGAIN

Yesterday the government announced it was going to compensate only the worst affected by the Equitable Life pensions scandal. It is going to make ex-gratia payments to those policy holders. I find this quite incredible but in line with it’s meanness towards pensioners today. They failed to fully support pensioners who were bailed out by the Pension Protection Fund PPF and by those who pensions were supported by the Financial Assistance Scheme FAS. They (the government) have bailed out banks, given assurances of 100% protection for savings and are spending billions propping up other failing industries. Pensioners though are being left to suffer. These failures were of no fault of ours and we should all receive the same level of compensation afforded other bail outs. So come on you lot get your heads out of the sand and your fingers out your arses and give all those pensioners loosing out under these schemes a full and equitable compensation package. We deserve it. I bet if it was an MPs pension that was effected in this way there would be an outrage, but because it’s a few thousand pensioners the policy seems to be, Oh fob em off give a little sweetener and they’ll go away. I suppose we will eventually because we will die but not I hope before we can register our protest at the ballot box. There are literally thousands of us who are affected by these schemes and who feel hard done by by Brown & Co. How can bailing out a bank be different to bailing out a failed pension scheme? Present government policy is not good enough.

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