Monday, 5 January 2009


I was alarmed by a comment received on my last post “Labour shoots itself in the foot again. An ex Councillor was concerned that someone in her road was depositing used dirty nappies in the green recycling bin and if this practice occurs they have to send the whole load to land fill. I’m quite frankly appalled. The literature that came out at the time the scheme was introduced was very clear about what we could and could not dispose of via recycling so if this practise is happening it must be stopped. I’m not sure of the facts here but I will attempt to find out if it is true that whole load goes to land fill. For this to be general knowledge someone must have been made aware of what was going on. I wonder if this is a case for the enforcement officer? Not a pleasant duty to have to track down the culprit but the sooner they are named and shamed the better. They are either incredibly thick or downright malicious. I wonder of there are other cases of how the scheme is being misused?


sean gould said...

hi bob
happy new year
how you doin?
ive only just saw the comment you left me in november
i havnt been on here since then
just have had no inspiration for blogging or poems
but im gonna try and get in the swing of things again

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

About time. One of sandwells most talented poets having drought that honour goes to me. Iv'e been back on the scribbling this year hope to see you soon bbcb