Saturday, 31 January 2009


A book published recently claimed that the true value of the old age pension had fallen by almost a half in the last thirty years and that the largest fall had occurred under this Labour government. I’m not surprised by this statement having campaigned against their policies since the 75p affair. I know that there as been a growth in private schemes during that time but all the evidence now points to them being inadequate to meet future demands. Except for the public sector which we has tax payers meet. The government had a commitment to re-introduce the wage index linking in I think 2012 but in the meantime pensions will continue to fall behind. We now have no guarantee that anything will be done because the way they have squandered our wealth we can never be treated fairly. The thinking that it’s OK to bail out a bank but not a pension fund demonstrates their arrogance against the sector of society that created the wealth after the wars pulled itself up by its boot straps and built a better society. Shame on Brown and Co who has so under valued our age group. We deserve better.


Bob Piper said...

point me to the evidence that the old age pension has fallen greater in the last 10 years please. I've searched for it but cannot find it.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Express & Star earlier this week but I can'y find copy

Bob Piper said...

No, Bob. That is the source, and I don't accept the Express and Star as "evidence". If the Express and Star told me it was Saturday I would check the calender. What is the evidence to back up that assertion, because I don't believe it.