Friday, 30 January 2009

Nightmare on May Street.

Of the Teresa kind. Iron lady II was recently appointed by David Cameron has the shadow minister for Work & Pensions. This probably means she will hold that post when her lot get elected in X months time. She doesn’t come over has a caring person more a hard nose get on ye bike type of politician totally wrong for that job. I suppose Cameron is thinking, give it a women the softer gentler sex? Humbug. In my view she will have as much sympathy of the pensioner cause has a Black Window spider for her mate. Over the last 11yrs we have had a succession of centre left Tories purporting to be socialists as Work and Pensions Secretaries. The worst of these was of course Steven Timms. He then went to the Treasury and? Well do we need to say more?
There have been some dangerous precedence’s set recently that I’m sure the Tories have not missed. A radical plan to get people off benefits and back into “suitable” work (that is if they can find a job). This has caught on in Sandwell if the local letters page of our paper is to be believed. A lady of 65 and a man of 71 both of which suffer with severe asthma have been sent letters by Job Centre about returning to work. Can we see where this is going? Tories in office pensioners not working, the on yer bike mentality so why not get us all doing something to earn our pensions? Brilliant.
I could certainly work, designing logos, leaflets, newsletters, advertising material or writing bespoke poetry. My rates are extremely competitive and I promise a good quality product with excellent service. I could do voluntary work and I’m sure the Tory machine can think of lots of other stuff. I could even get really good at and loose a couple of sensitive memory sticks.
There are no clear policies from the Tories yet on how they will deal with us pensioners. So until then I’ll fear the worst and get on with the job of enjoying my retirement give or take the current humilities of getting old and with a bit of luck help to get rid of Brown to give Labour just an outside chance of remaining a viable political force.
Reminds me of a joke from a friend of mine who claimed his grandson was ashamed of him and his mates. When he enquired why, the youngster said “well you’re all out of work and on drugs” I see where he is coming from.

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