Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Victim support.

Or in our case victim relief. My wife reminded me the other day how difficult things had been for us over the last few weeks and how much better it was that we could start to do things for ourselves again. Things that we had always taken for granted had become very difficult or impossible over that period. Changing a light bulb that required the removal of a light cover was totally out of the question. Small lifting and carrying jobs had become difficult as getting around was somewhat curtailed. I always used to smile at my Mum when I visited because she always left these chores until the last minute when I was leaving to ask me to do. I never minded of course but we always joked about it. Recently we have been doing the same thing. Any friends or family who came to visit ended up with a job. We tried to make sure they knew on arrival what we had in mind and for the most part it worked quite well. We called them the victims. You find out who your friends are when this happens and we have plenty.
A couple of week ends ago we wanted to erect a new Tit nesting box in the garden and I was determined I was going to do it. Getting on a small step ladder was a non starter so I ended up on a make shift step with the misses propping me up whilst I nailed this box to the shed. Time to do it all morning! Satisfaction rating, very high! Interest from the birds? Nil so far.

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