Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Black Country Gob

The following comment was received from fellow Black Country blogger Gobby over at Black Country Gob. http://www.blackcountrygob.com/ I thought it worth publishing in full :-
I just wanted to say Hi and to let you know whats been going on over at Black country Gob. Well back in November we had a visit from those nice hackers which caused severe damage to our database resulting in the loss of our site and over 850,000 page views. :(What did we do, well like true black country folk we stood up and fought and set up a brand new bigger and better forum. :)Although we lost the member list we have managed to get over 250 members back with us and almost 5000, posts since our launch in December.The site is now full of discussions,jokes,quizzzes,competitions,local history,and of course Black country Genealogy.Our Black country images section now has over 600 photos in it and is pretty impresive.Of course yourself and your readers are all welcome to pop in and say hi.Our new address ( you could update the link too now ;) )is simply www.blackcountrygob.com See you soon and hope your feeling better now Bob.
All the Best Gobby

Gobby! thanks for the new link I have updated my links, good to have you back up and running.

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Gobby said...

Thanks for that Bob, nice to hear from you too mate.

The forum is going great guns at the minute and since I last updated you we have upped our levels a bit. We now have just under 1000 great images of the Black Country and it's people in our gallery, we have 8000 posts in our forums spread over more than 1000 topics.

We have just installed a great new live chat section so members can keep in touch with each other and added a great new video gallery where we can upload videos of the region. There is also a section we call the video jukebox where members can add a video of their fave song. This means that there will always be summat in there you like and if there ay well you just add it yourself lol.

Thanks for the support you and your members have given us and hope to see you soon online me mucka :)