Monday, 19 January 2009

What to spend my sixty quid on?

As you all know dear Gordon gave us pensioners a New Year bonus of sixty quid apiece to boost the economy and help us out during these hard time. A one off sixty don’t cut it for me but better than nowt I suppose. The wife who has become quite a talented artist since retiring decided she wanted a new executive swivel chair and some art materials. She wants to be comfortable when she paints. I wonder if her style will change. That blew her bonus and to some extent boosted our local economy. The question is what am I going to do with mine? Gordon would have us go borrow (if we can get credit) add to the bonus and go enjoy. To me that is bonkers economics at this time. I think I might take off a jumper tweak the gas up a degree or two and put it towards the gas and lecky bills because it don’t look as though we are going to get any relief from the energy companies despite the wholesale price of gas falling. On the plus side though petrol is coming down but sadly I’m not using the car much these days.

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