Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Credit where it’s due

My regular readers will know I am not slow in criticising our local authority when they get it wrong and in the instances where they have been miserly towards us older folk.
Recently because of my illness I have been having difficulty with some of the more basic aspects of living. Getting up off a chair and the loo has become more difficult. Putting my shoes on and getting up and down stairs and into the shower has been uncomfortable. My wife realised I needed some help with these activities and contacted Sandwell Adult Services initially to find out where to buy an extended shoe horn. They were extremely helpful, put a shoe horn in the post and then sent a lady out to asses what my needs were. They have since fitted rails in my bath a hand rail at the bottom of my stairs and supplied me with two toilet frames to assist my exits from the loo a new hand rail on the stairs will be fitted in a few days as will extensions to the legs on my settee. But the really good news is that it is all free. I never expected that. The quality of goods supplied is excellent and they are all brand new, although the service is known as the loan service. We are doing something right. Well done Sandwell.

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