Sunday, 8 June 2008

Dear Gordon 3

It’s that bloke from Newton Ward in the Black Country again. A week’s a long time in politics! I think it was your predecessor Harold Wilson who first said that. I’m old enough to remember Harold’s time at No10 he had it rough but you seem to be having it a lot rougher. Last week though I thought you had a much better week. There were a couple of good news stories for us oldies. A back bencher has launched a May manifesto which as pensions at the heart of the document. That must be giving you some sleepless nights. It was also announced that over sixties will be getting free swims in a couple years to help us get more active for the Olympic Games in 2012. Why a couple of years I ask? This will be a bit of a problem for us in West Brom because the council closed our pools about 10 years ago and keep promising that they will be replaced but in the meantime we can travel half way across Sandwell if we need a swim.
Help the Aged published a report showing how poorly our older folk are being cared for. I wonder did you get a copy? And if so could you explain why it is that your constituents up in Scotland get free personal care yet us folks below the border have to sell our homes? You identified that the funding for long term care was inadequate but why do we have to wait another six/12months before the commission to look into this meets?
I asked my MP if he would arrange for me to meet you to explain why you removed the 200 quid council tax support but he looked at me with total incredulity I thought I must have been speaking gobbled gosh. By the way if you do decide to telephone me can you leave it until after 8am I’m a bit crabby first thing in the morning these days.
Have a good week
Bob the Black Country Brummie
Ps I support your stance on 42 days

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