Sunday, 8 June 2008

Is this Newton Wards contribution to Poop Scoop Week?

In the past I have commented on irresponsible dog owners and I have published a couple of posters and poems on the subject. Recently I published a poster from C’llr Piper over in Abbey Ward re poop scoop week and I have raised this at a couple of local residents meetings where it as been brought to the attention of our councillors and indeed on this blog I challenged them to participate. To date I see no such inclination for any of them to do anything about it. In fact the Tory guy at one meeting had that smug smirk on his face which I interpreted to mean “what’s this nut case talking about now” yet all of them at some stage or other have conducted surveys where the problem as been identified. Well I’m doing my bit. We are still a poop free zone after three months so something is working. I find it strange that leadership from our elected representatives is so lacking on these key issues. But according to their election propaganda “they are working for me year round”


Bob Piper said...

Actually, Bob, they do themselves no favours. Year upon year the Local Government Association have discovered in their surveys of public attitudes to local government that dog fouling comes clearly first on people's list of concerns, followed by littering.

Not council tax, leisure facilities, parks or anti-social behaviour... but bloody doge mess!!!

Why don't they get the message? Listen to those who vote for you... it's not a bad recipe for success.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

They seem to get re elected year on year though. The Liberals are the only party that do regular newsletters and I suppose they work on the pretext that if you keep telling them you work “year round” folks believe it. I have been shocked by the poor performance of my councillors since I started observing and becoming involved with our local community.