Friday, 13 June 2008

My teacher’s evil!

You’ve guessed it. I had my grandkids again last night. Hippy claimed that his teacher was evil and explained why he had formed that view. Although I do not agree with Hippy or the method used by the teacher to give him that view I am restricted from giving anymore details on threats from grandson. Who said if you use that on your blog you are Sooo deaddd granddad. Granddaughter however was in a more philosophical mood. When discussing careers she said I have a quote for you “Make the right choice because that choice will make you” sounds like somebody has been doing some deep thinking.
I am incredibly proud of my grandkids both here and in the states. Watching them grow up is a wonderful experience for me. I wonder though how kids go wrong and we get the spectre of Ferrell kids that so often make the headlines. The good kids are doing so much more and I expect mine will be making headlines again very soon because of the work that they do. You can be sure that it will be reported on this blog.
Sorry Hippy but I never broke my promise, did I?

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