Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dear Gordon 6

This week you have looked tired and very unhappy. Is the job too much for you? Sarah never looks happy these days either.
You have made some good policy statements in the last few days which ultimately might help. Problem is they are all too long term to be of benefit to folks like me.
I don’t think it’s fair to just complain about your leadership so I’m going to try to make some practical suggestions for how I think we might improve things.
This first one will seem a little controversial but think about it before sending it to the re-cycle bin.
Idea? If you read the technical press the motor industry has many products that are close to being introduced into production developments. Things like the engines that run on compressed air or hydrogen. The government should take the initiative and ban the production in and import into UK of all petrol and diesel engines for private cars and light vans above 1000cc by say 2015. The industry will scream and it will need help in changing over its production lines to cope but cope it will. A secondary measure would then have to include the change over of existing engines to alternative eco fuels, by say 2020. Electric vehicles should not be included until majority of electricity comes from renewable sources. While the electricity is produced by fossil fuels the efficiency of running our cars on electricity will be poor so why keep up the pretence?
The economic spin off for introducing a policy like this will be enormous. Land Rover are already recruiting engineers to make their products more acceptable why not do it on a national scale? Britain would again become the world leader in power train technology. We have the high tech manufacturing to make this happen what we don’t have is the right incentives. You could provide that incentive.
Idea? Introduce turning left at a red light when it is safe to do so. This idea works well in USA and would save millions in a year without compromising road safety.
It’s a year since you came to office. You will forgive me for not wishing you many happy returns but one really is enough.

Have a good week
Bob the Black Country Brummie

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