Sunday, 22 June 2008

Dear Gordon 5

Well you have had a busy week. Saying good bye to George! That must have been fun. Let’s hope for world peace that Barrack gets in. Then we had the crisis with the Irish and the NO vote and you rushing to try to get the treaty ratified in a hurry. Off to the Euro summit I bet that was fun. Did you get a lot of ribbing that we did not have a team in the finals? All this and then a load more sensitive data goes AWOL. Can you explain that if a civil servant looses it and gets caught they get punished but if it’s a minister nothing is said? And now off to the Middle East to sort out the oil price crisis I hope you are not neglecting Sarah and the boys.
I’ve been watching and listening to the Chancellor this week. It was good to see him properly dressed for the Guild Hall speech but what he was saying seems a little contradictory. The theme seems to be “its not our fault it’s a world problem but we can fix it by working with our partners overseas” I seem to remember you were the Chancellor for 10yrs and as Prudence was always ready to tell us we need to be prudent in order to get away from the boom and bust policies of the Tory years. Why did you not see the credit crunch coming? It is basic economics if you borrow to much and can’t pay it back you go bust if you lend to much to people who cannot afford to pay back you go bust. Credit controls have been a powerful weapon in the past. You had the opportunity to use them.
Oil prices are a world phenomenon but don’t we have a large dollop of it left in the North Sea being under produced? And where are the incentives for our manufactures to invest in new technology to help reduce our dependence on the stuff? This site is worth a look we could invest in having this plastered on every government building or better still a plant in UK making it. We could also look at making our tax system fairer by some good old fashioned socialist policies. You must remember taxing the rich helping the poor, windfall taxes on excessive profits by energy & oil companies. A future fair for all.
The Governor of the Bank was telling us we are all going to get poorer, pay packets are going to shrink and prices are going to rise. I don’t think it will be his pay packet or that of most of his banking buddies MPs or civil servants do you? It’s nice to see you leading the way in not accepting the pay increase on your ministerial duties but our MPs and unions are all thinking stuff this I’m going for an inflation busting rise and blow you lot and if you really listen to what the Chancellor has said it don’t matter what happens here we can’t change it on our own. We seem to be heading for another winter of discontent and we know what happened after the last one, 16yrs of Tory Rule, a sobering thought.
So please dear Gordon stop dithering and lets have some real leadership on some of these issues before the new labour project is killed off forever.
I was with some pensioners today and one of them said to me “It looks like it’s going to be a choice of heat or eat for me this winter”
Have a good week
Bob the Black Country Brummie

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