Thursday, 12 June 2008

Newton Councillor Organises Friendship Group

They’ve been reading the blog
As far as I know this is a first for our ward and well done C’ll.& Mrs. Hosell. Last night I had an errand to run at our local community centre. Whilst I was there I noticed a group of people some of whom I knew holding a meeting. C’ll. Hosell called me into the meeting. He has set up a friendship group from a couple of the roads in our area who have some problems. The group bring along their problems to share but it is not a whinge meeting. As the title suggests its friendship. They share their problems offer help & support which they also get from their councillor. The group though had a very positive upbeat attitude, they were planning social events and an outing. The beauty of this idea is it cuts across age, race and cultures. What a good idea. How about the council taking this up and putting some money into it? Schemes like this might prove popular in other parts of Sandwell and help to solve a lot of problems. The C’ll. is in effect helping the group to help themselves a bit like group mentoring.
We have another group which is run by an ex councillor which is a community forum and although it works it is not quite as effective as the Friendship group for very local issues. I hope this is the start of a more proactive approach by our elected representatives and I do hope C’ll Hosell starts to tell the electorate what he is doing. A thank you leaflet is long overdue from Shirley I think.

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