Thursday, 26 June 2008

Inflation what inflation?

I got to spend some time yesterday reflecting on the past and trying to plan ahead. I can hear myself saying “I remember when” but the sad thing is I do. In the past when inflation hit and hit hard I did what Norman Tebbitt said and got on my bike. I learned new skills went out into the market and played my part in earning the foreign currency that was necessary to keep our economy running. My family prospered and I never went on strike or even threatened to too get pay increases, they came because I had earned them and my employer rewarded me for the hard work I was putting in. It’s different now of course. Having done pretty much all we can in respect to energy saving features in our home we are at a loss to see what else there is for us to do to save money because that seems to be the only way forward for pensioners today. Pensioner inflation is now reckoned to be twice that of the official rate so I guess a lot of people are hurting more than us. There must however be ways of offsetting some of this. I can remember when at times in the past I wondered what to do there was always a way forward when you looked for it. Well I’m looking. I think its time for a joint effort from yours truly and my editor in chief to do a brain storm on this problem to see if we can come up with some ideas. Might be worth several posts if we come up with anything but your suggestions are most welcome.
My starter for 10. How about we shop every two weeks? EIC not impressed suggests I should get a job. Anybody looking for a computer literate oldie with web design and desktop publishing skills? Part time of course.


Anonymous said...

In the past when things got bad we had a pig sty and chicken pen at the bottom of the garden, I can just see Pat feeding the pigs and chickens, and that dishwasher and washing machine could go, save electric, put the clothes in the bath and work them with your feet you would get very warm save on heat, and less time one the computer that would save on electric. Gerry x

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

We seem to be getting the idea with money saving ideas. Thank you Gerry x. When the dishwasher bust I lasted two days so perhaps we ought to be looking a little wider for a solution