Thursday, 19 June 2008

Neighbourhood News

I have taken to popping into our local community centre lately just to see what is going on. Last night I went along because I knew our local councillor had a surgery and I just wondered what sort of response he was getting. I was surprised to see a meeting of about 60 residents from the other side of the canal being addressed by our PCSO Adam and C’llr. Hosell. Being the nosey sod I am I sat in to listen to the proceeding. We have had some problems on that side of the ward with vandalism and muggings in the alleyways that are access to garages at the back of the properties. PCSO Adam had organised the meeting after concerns from the residents to help them organise the erection of gates at the various access points.
This a good example I think of where people are being encouraged and supported by their C’llr and the police to put in place measures to eliminate problems. I think this is the third of these schemes that are either adopted or in the process of being funded. I like to see this kind of proactive work by our police and councillors it is long overdue here. Down side I suppose is that the residents have to fund the work themselves but as one resident pointed out it should have the effect of increasing the value of the property and perhaps a reduction in their household insurance premium.
Well done Adam and David. Sadly we will be loosing Adam who is becoming a propa copa. We will be sorry to see him go, he will be missed.


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