Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Nuke in Newton

I did not intend to make any further comments about my health and the treatment I was receiving but C’llr Piper suggested if it was good I should tell all the local media. Towards the end Bob I promise I’ll write up a summary of events for the local press. I think the professionals call it the Patient Journey. Today though I want to look at some of the lighter side. I commented the other day about the scenario of having nuclear waste deposited in Newton. With all the radio active stuff they have pumped into me today I’m the Nuke in Newton. Better not go out after dark for a day or two I’ll probably glow. Pat & I were being briefed about the after affects of this treatment and what you should and shouldn't do. “Stay away from crowded shopping centres like Merry Hill on a Saturday afternoon” every cloud has a silver lining” I thought, better stop at home and watch the footy.
Although I expected to have more time for myself because I have had to scale back a lot of my commitments and I thought I might use this to do my blog and other computer related projects which I seem to never get around to I never accounted for the ME scenario. My concentration this week has been crap because I have found myself spending more time than I should thinking about the treatment. This will cease forthwith. No good looking back, forward and onward. My treat this week was lunch in the hospital cafeteria.

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