Saturday, 7 June 2008

Hippy “super talented grandchild”

His words not mine. I had the privilege of looking after the little chap on Friday because he had been of school sick for a few days. He was back to his 100 words a minute chatter on pretty much anything you can think about. I asked him about putting some of the stuff he comes out with on the blog. The answer went something like “you know you should always give credits to who said what” “its plaga somethin if you don’t”. Plagiarism I explained was if you copied someone’s work without permission and didn’t give them credit. That’s it he said you should put my name to my quotes. I do son I assured him but I use your web nickname. I know he countered just call me Hippy super talented grandchild. Nothing like being modest is there? Thank you Hippy for a lovely day.


Lola=] said...

hello grandad!!! is it ok that i leave comments here??? well i hope u are feeling better!! we miss u here in good ol tennessee ha ha ha!! well oscar is dying to get on the computer and leave a comment so i better let him before he jumps out of his pants ha ha ha!!! well love you!!!


Oscar= said...

Hay i hope u are felling good!!!!!!
ha ha ha!!!! I MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u are havin a great time.....tell nana hi
my mom hase gon on a trip!!!!!!!!!!
i got a camra and i liked my suit!!