Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Go carting for seniors?

Yesterday I went along with a group of seniors’ total age I suppose about 730yrs to Raceway in Oldbury for an afternoon’s racing. Before anyone gets excited and starts shouting you pensioners are always complaining about not having enough money, the afternoon was sponsored by a local news agency that are doing a story on older people living life to the full. The story I think will probably appear in one of the national newspapers in a little while. The race director and his team were excellent in getting us started, safety issues and such. We were a mixed bunch blokes and ladies with age ranges from 60 to 81. First sessions were warm ups and time trials. I knew that if I was to have chance in the race proper I needed to be at the front of the starting grid. When we lined up for the start I was in second position and raring to go. Newsagency wanted a lot of pictures so start was delayed but well worth the wait. Five laps of flat out racing and despite one crash I was awarded third place by race marshals although the leader board gave me in 5th.
We then had the usual celebrations with lots of pictures and of course the bottle of bubbly. The winner 60yrs old Dick could not get the cork out of the bottle and needed the help of the course mechanic. Eventually though we all got sprayed in bubbly including the photographer. If I’d been stopped on the way home I would have smelt like a brewery. As you get older the aches and pains of the day are an excepted part of the day but I needed two burley blokes and an act of parliament to get me out of the cart. We can get exercise on prescription, having fun on prescription sounds a better idea to me.

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