Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dear Gordon 4

Well you got your 42 days but at what price? And why go through all that knowing that it will be defeated in the Lords? Or are you cunningly going to use this issue to reform the upper house? I hope it is not true what I have been reading in the press that you have given away some of the family silver to obtain this hollow victory. My MP tells me I should not believe all I read in the press. I’m confused because if we can’t believe what the press tell us and we know we can’t believe you lot, what are we to believe? It’s interesting to note that the last time my MP said that I checked it out and what was printed in our local paper was correct.
This week I saw what I suppose is the best and worst of Labours policies. My health is not so good these days and I have had to attend our local hospital more than I would like. Although the hospital is due to close in a year or two the equipment and service was first class. The investment in the NHS is starting to pay off. The worst though is the ever rising inflation that we all now face. Labour’s flag ship pension’s credit scheme (means testing) was designed to and claimed to have got hundreds of thousands of pensioners out of poverty. Well thanks to below inflation pension’s increases and fuel allowances you can’t anymore claim to have lifted those folks out of poverty they are back in it. The people who were victims of pension’s failures that are covered by PPF are badly affected because there are no inflation increases. You might like to ask Alistair to have another look at that. Quite a lot of people affected in this part of the world.
I suppose all this secure data going missing is a continuous worry for you. What is it now? about half a dozen key pieces of data have gone AWOL? Once is unfortunate, two is perhaps careless, three is reckless but with two this week it’s well past the time you should have put your house in order. Most businesses would have fired their chief executive if similar events had taken place. Is someone is trying to put the skids under your administration?
It’s a bit difficult I think to really understand what the opposition are up to these days with David Davis quitting like he did. I am hearing that it is only the real opposition (The Sun) who are going to fight the Bye Election. Is that wise? No doubt the full facts will come out over time and you won’t have to face another humiliating defeat at the polls.
I’ll let you get on now with trying to run the country.
Say good bye to George for me.
Have good week.
Bob the Black Country Brummie

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