Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Neighbourhood news

I got a comment the other day from Gobby over at Black Country Gob. This site is dedicated to bringing together folks from the towns of the Black Country and ex pats, so for me it’s a good deal. One of my criticisms of our local councillors is that we have little community cohesion over here. By that I don’t mean the community is falling apart or we have a crisis but nobody is trying to get the various community groups to work together. Dave and Shirley have done a lot of work with their friendship groups and with organising things like the fun day at Tanhouse and the fireworks display but our other councillors I never see actually doing anything. This cannot be good for our community and I know in other parts of Sandwell councollors take the lead on many issues.
In collaboration with the local Neighbourhood watch association we are organising a petition to improve road safety on the main dual carriage way which skirts our ward. I’ve been asked to coordinate this and present the petition to tomorrow nights town committee meeting. It will be interesting to see the political stances on this issue. I’ll report back on Friday.


Gobby said...

Hiya Bob,

Thanks for the link and thanks to people like yourself who stand up for their communities and take the time and effort to try and keep both the community spirit alive as well as ensure that their local area is well maintained. The words are pride and respect. Pride in yourselves and your heritage and respect for your community and yourself.

Keep doing what you do. You have the support of Black Country Gob and myself.



Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you

Gobby said...

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to say Hi and to let you know whats been going on over at Black country Gob. Well back in November we had a visit from those nice hackers which caused severe damage to our database resulting in the loss of our site and over 850,000 page views. :(

What did we do, well like true black country folk we stood up and fought and set up a brand new bigger and better forum. :)

Although we lost the member list we have managed to get over 250 members back with us and almost 5000, posts since our launch in December.

The site is now full of discussions,jokes,quizzzes,competitions,local history,and of course Black country Genealogy.

Our Black country images section now has over 600 photos in it and is pretty impresive.

Of course yourself and your readers are all welcome to pop in and say hi.

Our new address ( you could update the link too now ;) )is simply

See you soon and hope your feeling better now Bob.

All the Best