Monday, 30 June 2008

A guest blogger today

Please ignore the posting dates for a few days I seem to have messed up with my editing. Normal service will be resumed towards the end of the week. (I hope)
You will have noticed on my “links I like” bar on the right of my blog a link to Poetry Wednesbury International. I am privileged today to have a contribution from one of their very talented poets. I call him the romantic geek! Sean Gould with his poem “You shaped hole”

There’s a you shaped hole
in the middle of my heart
Its been there since
we have been apart

I feel like
I’m stuck in a trap
and life is just
an empty gap

Nothing to occupy
my mind without you
and I know
there is nothing I can do

I need you here
to feed my soul
and help me fill
this you shaped hole

I hope more of the poets will allow me to publish their work. The poetry group is a lively intellectually diverse group who are not afraid to tackle any topic. I love the banter and humour at our meetings and the standard of poetry of all types is extremely high.


sean gould said...

hi bob
thanks for posting this
yeah poetry wednesbury meetings are really great
theres never a dull moment
i love it


by the way
ive had a go at doing a blog nowhere never a good as yours mate

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Hi Sean, where did you get that picture? Great to have your contribution I’ll check out your blog. Link to mine please

sean gould said...

hi bob
i took the pic myself with my fone
i think my eyes look great haha
im gonna figure out the links in a sec and of course you will be linked