Tuesday, 24 June 2008

To blog or not to blog?

It’s not often I sit I sit in front of my computer with nothing to say. I suppose today is no different except tiredness is creeping in and I wonder if it is worth the effort. I know what to expect the hospital have covered all the bases. All the side effects and treatment outcomes have been explained but it’s still a bit of a shock when things start to happen. I am now almost at the low point so tomorrow if all is well things should start getting better. Being an active bloke and involved with many things it was perhaps a mistake to tell folks what was happening. I’ve always been a straight in your face type of person who told it how I saw it not what I thought the others wanted to hear. So knock it off, stop treating me with kid gloves and let’s get on with it. OK I’m going to be a bit slower for a day or two but I’m still me and I’m still doing all the things I always did. Well almost!


Anonymous said...

Bob, you have been getting slower for years its called old age, so we might not even notice.
dont worry Bob it will all be worth it in the end, keep your chin up. Gerry X
as in Geraldine so your readers
dont get the wrong idea

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks for your comment Geraldine. Our telephone conversation yesterday was so much more important. I’m not sure about this being inspirational to others but I hope it helps. Glad to be able to report that today sees a big improvement and I think I will make it a regular spot.