Friday, 15 August 2008

Art & Culture in Sandwell

Why are the Tories trying to kill off art & culture in our Borough? I don’t know the answer but I think that is exactly what they are up to.
I had to do some research to enable me to promote a motion for debate at a local older peoples group. The motion concerned the role of our new art centre in West Brom. Whenever there is a bad news story about this venue and there have been plenty, it is always the leader of the Tories who is quoted in the article. They (the Tories moved a motion at the last council meeting to stop any further expenditure on this building). This would effectively mean closing it.
During the writing of my speech I could not help but be drawn to the comparison of the controversy of providing libraries for free and for free education for the masses both of which the Tory opposed. Now they want to effectively close down a facility that will inspire our Borough’s children for generations to come. The Leopard clearly has not changed his spots. It’s not reds under the beds but Tories in the stories over here in Sandwell. Our local MP who should be supporting this facility was only luck warm in the local press recently when he said it was time they (THE PUBLIC) got on with finishing the job. Well they are getting on with it in a professional manner. What worries me is why should the Tories be taking this hard line stance? And now? It cannot surely be that they see the problems that have faced the council over funding support as cheap publicity. Short term it might be a few votes but long term they must have other reasons. The Tories must not be allowed to stifle the development of art and culture in Sandwell.
The Labour group and in particular Cllr. Badham should be congratulated over their wisdom in continuing to support this project.
Long Live Art & Culture in Sandwell

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