Saturday, 2 August 2008


One of the side effects of my present drugs regime is insomnia. I have always been an early bird but once or twice a week these days I can’t sleep. Not one for sitting watching the tele much at any time but late night tele drives be crackers. After earlier blog leader of Tories will say what’s new here then, he was always bonkers. I digress.
Not much you can do during the dead of night without upsetting the wife and the neighbours. The blog of course. Some of my postings and email are getting dealt with and a lot of those jobs (quiet ones) around the house you always put off (I’ll get a round tuit). Last summer I bought a couple of walkie talkies in the States. Bargain price, on a whim you know how it goes. Following the instructions I have never been able to get these bloody things to work and admit to putting them in a draw labelled bad buy. Getting to the bottom of my nocturnal “what to do” list I thought “the walkie talkies”. Couldn’t find the instructions, in fear of death I couldn’t ask the wife who files these things religiously, I went back to my old engineering days when I never read them anyway and relied on pure male logic. Well surprise surprise they go on my list of nocturnal success stories. They do work and very well. We are currently testing the range, about five miles I think but they are free to use. Over and out.

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