Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Labour shoots itself in the foot

I’m talking local politics here. Our ward are being supplied with new re-cycling wheelie bins for plastics metal paper ect. We had ours a couple of weeks ago fitted with a faulty wheel. We are getting these first because we are the largest user of the existing service in Sandwell. So well done to us. I know a couple of our existing councillors including Labour Cllr. Hosell have been working hard to bring the new service to our ward first.
Councillor Hussain who is the cabinet member for this sort of thing can be seen in the picture taken from last nights Express & Star newspaper with the bin service staff and their new truck. Wonderful stuff and very good PR for Cllr. Hussain. He has completely ignored his colleague Cllr. Hosell who should in my opinion have been on this picture. It is quite common for cabinet members to take this line and ignore their local colleagues but in my opinion not acceptable, especially from the same political party. So it’s a Bob the Black Country Brummie reprimand for Cllr. Hussian, not good enough.
I also have to criticise Cllr Hosell though because I know that he is working extremely hard in the constituency he is ignoring a lot important issues. If they are not already distributing the next Focus newsletter the Libs will be preparing it and I am sure with a picture taken by one of our new bins claiming credit for bringing them to Newton first.
David, it is no good working hard if you’re not telling the constituents what you are doing. In three years time at this rate you will loose the local elections and we will probably get an unknown Liberal from outside our ward who only cares about Great Barr and at the next local elections we will get returned our sitting Cllr with all that that implies. It’s the “we always vote Liberal” culture over here. Complain to Cllr Hussian and his cabinet colleagues about this policy of theirs and lets see you in more good news stories in the press. You know it makes sense.

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Bob Piper said...

Spot on with both points, Bob.