Monday, 4 August 2008

The garden at night

I have posted on the pretty garden behind our home a couple of times before. Every year we try to add new stuff by way of plants or fittings to add to its ambience. A year or two ago we added some solar lights and last year a couple more. Mrs. BBCB noticed that we had a dark area and decided that we needed to invest a bit more on garden improvement. A couple more solar lights were purchased and last night we had our first full viewing. I’m shocked because when they were all on I recon you can see our garden from space. The garden glowed. I was expecting complaints from air traffic control. Three in a line looks like the flight path into B’ham International. We’ve gone a bit over the top. Don’t know what the other nocturnal animals out doors think but I think we need a rethink on this one. Bring em indoors so save on the old lecky eh?

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