Friday, 22 August 2008

Tories shoot themselves in the foot

I thought I ought to cover all our local political parties because it is not just Labour who are messing up. This link from Cllr Bob Piper I thought was great Cameron apparently thinks Bolton is in West Yorks it is of course in Lancashire.
Our local Tories do very little year round in our ward so no risk of them putting their foot in it, except that is their leader who happens to live on our patch. Well never mind we all have our crosses to bear. Whenever he opens his mouth about our new Public Art Centre I feel like putting my foot in it. His whole credibility has leader of the party must now be put into doubt after leading them all to face a Standards Board for asking the council to act illegally. I think that is foot deep enough in it for me. Last night he was posturing again in an Express and Star article trying to justify his position on the projected cost of the Standards Board investigation of their behaviour at £36000. That’s £3000 per Tory Councillor. Well I’m right behind Sandwell Council on this one but I think if the complaint is upheld they should charge the Tories for costs. The sooner the Tories dump Cllr. Ward the better so that we can move forward with a much needed credible opposition. With his continued attacks on this building the Tories are in effect trying to destroy the grass roots development of art and culture in West Brom and beyond. I do hope Sandwell Council will pursue this matter. The Tories are talking down my town and I will not have it. We badly need this and the other development that is following on. Most of our Tory opposition come from the other towns so not surprising they should be envious of the development in West Brom but I’m surprised at him fighting their corner so avidly. For our part of the borough we need help in fighting for a new doctor’s surgery and for the building of a clinic in an appropriate place that will serve the needs of Newton and certainly not at the Scot Arms.
Bob the Black Country Brummie verdict: resign Tony while you still have some credibility. Withdraw your motion (if that’s possible) and save the council £36000 and concentrate on more vital local issues. You know it makes sense.

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