Monday, 18 August 2008

Blog action day

According to my MPs blog 15th October is blog action day. What am I doing for Blog Action Day on 15th October? Come to think of it, I have a list of local issues that might be worth commenting on. Now I would leave a comment on his blog but I know it usually doesn’t get published so I’ll do my own and see if it catches a cold.
Action to restore free car parking for disabled people at Sandwell Hospitals.
Lobby to get our doctors surgery which closed replaced.
Campaign for meaningful consultations with our Primary Care Trust not the take it or leave approach we currently have.
To fight for the sighting of our proposed new clinic to be in an area that will not contribute to the traffic chaos at Scot Arms Junction but support properly the residents of Hamstead and Newton not Great Barr
Campaign to have charges removed for pensioners for car parking at Sandwell Park farm and to remove the entrance charge during week days.
Lobby to get the outrageous increases applied to meals on wheels reversed.
Campaign for the compulsory provision of customer toilets in all department stores.
Bring up the provision of Traffic Lights at Junction of Hamstead Road and Newton Road
Carry on my campaign for more transparency of what our councillors actually do.
I wonder will I get any political support for any of this?
Nah I don’t think so but it will make the blog very contentious. I might even look at some outside issues for my contribution.
Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

blimey bob do you have time to be ill?

margaret macklin said...

Bob there was a visit from PCT to last Great Barr Forum which would have ticked some of your boxes.Hope to see both of you fully recovered at next one?
It worries me greatly though your plans to separate "Newton" and Great Barr" both of which are names only. I lived in Jayshaw for 20years,Tanhouse for 15 and corner of Hamstead and Old Walsall for 5 and I never knew I lived in anything other than Great Barr.As you seem to be confused about if you are a brummy or black country, can I suppose you are confused about Great Barr?

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Ah Margaret, no confusion here over any of this. I don’t want to separate them but parts of our area have some specific problems at the moment that need to be dealt with separately. The PCT want to build the clinic near or at the scots which is absolutely crackers with the amount of traffic we have at that junction. In Newton & Hamstead we have lost a GP practise. The PCT have funding for three new practises for Sandwell none of which are scheduled for over here. If clinic goes ahead on any of the proposed site, west of the canal will be left without proper medical cover. I have had meetings with senior members of PCT to try resolving this problem but without political support it was difficult to do. Dave Hosell is now putting his weight behind the campaign so I hope we can get somewhere. I have also made a complaint to the chair and chief exec on the way the “consultations and survey” patients was carried out. The person who came to the meeting you refer is one of the problems. Two of our councillors as far as I can see do little or nothing when it comes to supporting issues such as these. I find this unacceptable and I cannot understand how indeed they continue to get elected except for the Focus which merely tells people what they have referred to member services for action.