Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sandwell’s Tree Surgeons.

In what can only be described as an act of sheer vindictive vandalism Sandwell sent their tree surgeons to the grass reservation in front of my house yesterday. I have described before what a beautiful outlook my neighbours and I had with three mature hawthorn trees and well kept gardens and lawns we maintain. We had asked the council to trim the trees because they were hanging low in some places and catching telephone wires in others. Well not to put to fine a point on it these so call professional tree surgeons have butchered two of our trees and left the other (it’s not on my list mate) which is obstructing the footpath. They never made any attempt to clear the phone line obstructions. We are all distraught, so Sandwell if you want to reduce the whole area to one where residents don’t care you are going the right way about it. My neighbour complained yesterday and I complained at the time but as usual you might as well talk to yourself (it’s not on my list mate) I don’t know about paying these clowns I am minded to withdraw my council tax until something is done about it. These what used to be beautiful trees will never recover. I one act of vandalism Sandwell have ruined the outlook from my home. Shame shame shame on you. We have asked nothing of you for over thirty years the time we have been looking after this grassed area and for you to take this attitude is well, tantamount to spite.
Do you get the idea Bob is just a touch peed of with his council. I’m going to email this to some councillors to get their reaction.


Bob Piper said...

I'll bet you any money you like that the trees do recover. I had similar complaints from residents two years ago that the trees had been butchered and would never survive. I took it up with the arboculturalist (tree person) who said, you wait and see.

And he was spot on, and the trees in Marlborough Road are thriving now.

So... that's my reaction - for free!

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you Bob but right now I find it difficult to look out of my office window without wanting to hit the person responsible.