Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Head cook, bottle washer and nurse?

Yes you guessed it. The misses is giving me a bad time. Having her one arm immobilised is extremely frustrating and painful for her but the rest of her body is still fully operational and chasing me around. I’m not complaining you understand I’m delighted to have her home but it’s getting difficult when she complains about pretty much everything I did while she was away and since she got back, the cleanliness of some of my washing up the house was untidy and well I will admit to dinner on Monday night not being exactly to her usual high standard but I was knackered. I warned her yesterday that if she carried on I would take her back to the hospital myself. Breakfast in bed seemed to cheer her up and I had a plan for lunch and later that should have got me some of my brownie points back. My loading of the washing machine was not up to scratch either. I better buck my ideas up. I wouldn’t mind all this criticism if it was the first time during our relationship that I have been called upon to be carer in fact I’m an expert at it I’ve had more experience than she has. On the brighter side though she will not be reading the blog for a day or two so I can get away with this drivel. Unless of course one of you lot rat on me! You wouldn’t would you?


Bob Piper said...

As a retired gentleman of leisure it appalls me, Bob, that Mrs Btbcb doesn't get you doing all these things even when she is not being cared for. Do your share of the cooking and cleaning man!

And there was me thinking you had joined the ranks of those of us proud to call ourselves 'new men'.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I bloody do I don't usually get this much critism though. good to see she is recovering well so I don't really mind.