Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Some people just hate you

There’s nothing you can do about it. They take an instant dislike to you because you are what you are.
About 7yrs ago just after I retired I started to take more of an interest in local politics and in community activities. We had initially thought that because our area had declined we would look for a house outside Sandwell and move. Eventually though we both agreed that we liked our little home and perhaps we should spend more of our time trying to improve things for our community generally. We started to attend community forums and it was when we attended one of these that we met one of the most obnoxious people I have had the misfortune to know. It was our first time and during the discussion she interrupted many times, challenged mine and my wife’s contribution or copied it and stressed the point endlessly as though it were hers. At the tea break my wife said how do you know that women? I don’t I replied, then why is she behaving so badly towards us. Another member explained that it was her style anyone she considered to have a superior knowledge of a subject falls into that category and clearly your knowledge of computers and new technology is enough for you to be top of her hit list. I didn’t believe this but I’m afraid it was not a bad description of the state of play. We thought that it was because she was so much older than us she was forgetful. Since that date she has spread out into many areas of our community life and I have to say that the loathing has now become mutual. These days I don’t want to spend time with people I dislike let alone those who behave badly towards me so I tend to avoid her if possible. This restricts some of our activities but in the main I think it is better for all concerned. The problem arises if we have arrived for a meeting or event and she turns up. I’m faced with a choice, stay and suffer or leave I’ve often chosen to leave but this is not always possible if you want to get something done. I’ve tried being nice, that was seen as weakness. I’ve tried dropping the intellectual level, that’s seen as being patronising, I off course have hit back in my in your face way and although she backs off when this happens “ignorance is bliss” takes over and she comes back. Nowadays I just try to ignore her but how do you deal with someone like this? My new strategy is surprise. No prizes for naming this individual. Most local people active in our community will know to whom I refer.

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Gerry said...

sounds like a very lonely woman who is very insecure and is fighting for respect to me.