Friday, 1 August 2008

Sandwell Council bites back

I must be going soft because here I am praising Sandwell Council again. It must be the pills. Lovely article in Express & Star concerning my favourite Councillor the leader of the Tories who apparently got himself and the rest of the Tories into hot water at the council meeting over suggesting that the council adopt a motion preventing any more money being spent on his favourite whinge THE PUBLIC. The labour group were quick to point out this action would have meant the council would have to act illegally and the item and the Tories are being referred to the standards committee. I love it. Perhaps now he will be more careful in what he says in public about THE PUBLIC because it is going to be a success. I think on the basis of this last fiasco the council should rename the building "The Ward Building which contains The Public gallery" then if it does go belly up he will be tarnished like the rest of us. The building though would survive and eventually go into private ownership. The Tories have for many years seen this project as a way of getting cheap headlines and publicity and I must admit it has worked for them because the Express and Star like all the press when we have a weak & ineffective opposition step in to fill the gap and this is certainly happening here in Sandwell. On this occasion though the Tories got a couple of sentences at the end. We need changes to Labour leadership nationally but we need some changes to leadership of our opposition front bench here in Sandwell.

I knew there was something missing!
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