Saturday, 23 August 2008

For Gerry

I’ve had a complaint. I know you can’t believe it but we all face criticism from time to time. My friend Gerry tells me she is unhappy with some of my more recent posts containing too much anger. In my state of health she feels I should be thinking positive thoughts. She of course is right and as she represents about 30% of my regular membership I better pay attention. So Gerry this is for you and thank you for taking the trouble to call and tell me.
I better shelve the idea of doing “Liberals shoot themselves in the foot” and I was saving the best to last especially after receiving Focus on Newton No273 and I’m just warming to Nick Clegover.
Apparently The Pensions Minister who I criticised the other day is her MP and a very good local MP. My apologies but when he talks on pensions its Gordon who speaks and its utter twoddle. Oops slipping to anger here again. Enough grovelling.
This picture from my friend Brian Tuckwell lightens the mood and pretty well sums up things I think for me these days. Enjoy and keep sending the comments.

Have a nise day


sean gould said...

haha good one bob

gerry said...

Please don,t be too nice Bob,
bottleing it up inside is just as bad, so go get them, but in a carm way Gerry

p.s But leave Mike O,brian alone.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

The nightmare in Downing St. continues he is promising to still be there at Xmas. Can’t promise with our Pensions Minister he just gets my blood pressure up