Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Pensioners to freeze this winter

I came across what must be one of the barmiest rules being used by this government to date. It appears that pensioners who qualify for Warm Front grants cannot have old boilers replaced until they actually breakdown (no hot water rule). Replacement can then take several weeks. It takes two weeks for an assessment. Hello, come on, what is going on? During the winter months this is the last thing older people need. All the fuss about becoming energy efficient, big increases in fuel costs but sod you lot, freeze, while we sort it out. Now is the time to be considering changing that old boiler and if our government were serious about energy efficiency and helping older people to stay warm they would be kicking somebody’s arse about this. It’s a bloody disgrace. Shame on you.
If anyone doubts the accuracy of this story, ring Warm Front on 08003162808
Just another example of barmy Brown’s vision for Britain. I hear he is planning to bring his new cabinet to the West Mids and do walkabouts. I do hope I get invited I might have to get my pensioners against Brown badge out again. I doubt though that I would be considered anything but a crank and security risk. Mustn’t take a pensioner seriously.

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