Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Blog Action day

It’s going to have to be campaigning for all stores above a certain size to be compelled by law to provide toilet facilities.
I’m not proud of this but I use this example to make my point. With my health complaint and for many of us oldies we have to pee more frequently. I plan for this eventuality but sometimes the best laid plans fail. Recently I was in the Staples store in West Brom when I needed to go. I asked the check out guy if I could use the loo. “sorry mate” he explained we don’t have a customer loo. But it’s urgent I explained and it was. He didn’t seem concerned just rephrased his response. West Brom is not well served for public loos so I know that without some urgent action “Huston we have a problem” It’s too far to get in the car and go home so nothing else for it but to pee in the bushes at the front of the store and take my business elsewhere. Not very pleasant for other customers and although I tried to conceal my activities from the public I fear this was not totally possible. It’s now Bob the Black Country Flasher courtesy of Staples narrow minded approach to customer service. So a big raspberry to them and a campaign to get toilet facilities in all stores. A private members bill perhaps we could call it the Provision Of Toilets in Stores bill POTS or POTTY bill. Oh that’s a relief.

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